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Arne Wiig in the Blue Hall

Arne Ivar Wiig (born 24 August 1964) is a Swedish minister, poet, author, playwright, actor, hymnwriter, translator, lecturer.

In front of the park at Salsta Castle, Sweden

Wiig was born in Karlskoga, Värmland. He was educated at KadS A9 Kristinehamn (1983–84). He earned his Master of Divinity at Lund University (1988) and began his doctoral studies there. Ordained as minister in the Church of Sweden in Karlstad Cathedral (1989). Bachelor of Arts (1993), Master of Art (1996), Licentiat of Theology (1997), Doctor of Theology (1999). Chairman of the Frans Michael Franzén Society, Sweden. Hemit nr 339 at Johan Henrik Thomanders Studenthem Lund, Sweden.

Wiig is former Cathedral Canon at Härnösands Domkyrkoförsamling and Associate Professor at Mid Sweden University. Currently Lecturer, Writer and Managing Director. Wiig is now known as a researcher and interpreter of art- and religious symbolism. Wiig is the host for and producer of the YouTube Channel Symbols, Codes and Signs.


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