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Bertschi intermodal tank container

Bertschi AG is a Swiss transport company that provides logistics and transport for the chemical industry. The company was founded in 1956, and is headquartered in Durrenasch, Switzerland.[1] Bertschi is a member of the European Chemical Transport Association. ECTA The European Chemical Transport Association ANNUAL REPORT 2011 (PDF). Retrieved March 13, 2013.[permanent dead link]

Bertschi AG started operating a tank farm in 1998 at Chempark Leverkusen.[2] The company purchased Swedish-based Nordic Bulkers AB in 2005.[3]

Bertschi AG has subsidiaries in China, various European countries, the Middle East, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, and the United States.[4] As of February 2018, the company employs 2,800 people in 38 countries with a total fleet of 32,000 tank and silo containers; 1,100 trucks; and 30 container terminals.[5]


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