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Betqui or Betki is a village in the Ponda taluka (sub-district) of Goa.

Area, population[]

Its location code on the 2011 Census of India is 626844.[1]

According to the official 2011 Census, Betqui or Betki in Ponda taluka has an area of 629 hectares, a total of 382 households, a population of 1,707 (comprising 871 males and 836 females) with an under-six population of 151 (comprising 77 boys and 74 girls).[1]


Betqui is located in the north-eastern corner of Ponda taluka.[2] It is near to Candola or Khandola, Orgao, and Volvoi.[2]

Postal services[]

Betki B.O. is a delivery-based branch office, connected to the Marcela S.O. which lies under the Goa Division of the Panaji Region and the Maharashtra Circle for postal services.[3] Betki's PIN code is 403107. It is located in North Goa. Betki shares this PIN code with Amona B.O., B.O., B.O. and the Marcela B.O.[3]


The Betki-Khandola area was said to be the centre of illegal sand mining in December 2020.[4]

According to Rajendra P. Kerkar, writing in 2018, the Mandodarichem tollem in Betqui is one of Goa's largest "man-made lakes".[5] But the lake has silted and faced sustained neglect over the years.[5]


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Coordinates: 15°31′N 73°59′E / 15.517°N 73.983°E / 15.517; 73.983

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