Busu Dima

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Busu Dima
Busu Dima celebrated at Komorakata.jpg
Official nameBusu Dima
Also calledBishu, Bushu & Bushow
Observed byDimasa people
TypeHarvesting festival
Begins27 January
Ends29 January
Date27 & 29 January
Related toHarvesting

Busu Dima is an annual cultural festival celebrated by the Dimasa Kachari tribe of India.[1] It is the biggest harvesting festival. It is celebrated after the completion of grain harvest in different villages. The festival is usually organized in January.[2]


The festival is followed by singing accompanied by the rhythm of Kharam (drums), Muri (fife) the wooden bugle continues first to third days without stop. The boys and girls, everyone comes and they gather together with their traditional dress whole night by dancing in the festival.[3]


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