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Byline Times
TypePrint newspaper
Online newspaper
PublisherByline Media
EditorHardeep Matharu
Founded31 October 2018; 2 years ago (2018-10-31)[1]

Byline Times is a British newspaper and website founded in October 2018[1] by Peter Jukes and Stephen Colegrave,[2] who are also its executive editors.[3] It is a development of Byline, a crowdfunding and media outlet platform founded in April 2015 by Seung-yoon Lee and Daniel Tudor.[2][4]

The newspaper is published monthly for subscribers, while functions as a free news site. Byline Times's sister organisations are the crowdfunding journalism platform, investigative unit Byline Investigates, the Byline Times Podcast, Byline Books and the annual summer event Byline Festival. All are separate entities.[5]

People working at Byline Times include Nafeez Ahmed as its Special Investigations Reporter, Peter Oborne as a diarist and Adrian Goldberg, who hosts the Byline Times Podcast.[3][6] The paper has also had contributions from other notable people, such as actor and comedian John Cleese.

Byline Media also operates a subscriber funded video channel called Byline TV.[7]


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