Cesar Newashish

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Cesar Newashish in 1979, during the shooting of the series "Les six saisons atikamekw" (The six Atikamekw seasons)

Cesar Newashish (1904 – 1994) was an Atikamekw (First Nations) canoe maker and elder. He was born in 1904 in Manawan, Quebec, a settlement located about 200 kilometres north of Montreal, Quebec.

In 1971, he attended the Mariposa Folk Festival as an artisan, and built a canoe there, using the traditional methods of his ancestors: birch bark, cedar splints, spruce roots and gum.[1] Once the Festival was over, he then donated the birch bark canoe to the Royal Ontario Museum, which is still on display as of 2018.[2][3] His work on building the canoe is documented in the National Film Board of Canada documentary called Cesar's Bark Canoe,[4] which was also released in 1971.[1][5]

Cesar Newashish died at the age of 90.[6]


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