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Christopher G. Pickering (9 November 1842 – 22 December 1920)[1][2] was a British businessman and philanthropist. He made his fortune as a merchant and ship owner, particularly in the Kingston upon Hull fish trade. In 1914 he founded a park, almshouses, church and children's home in west Hull. The park and almshouses still bear his name.

Pickering Park (January 2007)


Christopher Pickering was born in 1842, the son of a tailor. In 1861 his occupation was that of a fish curer in Kingston upon Hull, and subsequently he became a fish merchant, and by 1881 a ship owner. He controlled together with a Mr. Haldane Pickering & Haldane's Steam Trawling Co. and the fish and ice merchants Pickering, Haldane & Co.[1]

He married Rachael Blakestone, lived in 114 Coltman Street, Hull, from 1874 to 1889, and moved to Hornsea in 1889 when he purchased The Hall.[1]

He founded six almshouses in Hornsea in 1908,[3] and in 1914 he built almshouses, a church, park and children's home in the west of Kingston upon Hull.[1]

He was presented with the Freedom of the City of Hull in 1920.[4]

He died in December 1920 aged 78.[1][4]


Both the Hull Almshouses (Christopher Pickering Lodge is now a grade II listed building[5]) and the park (Pickering Park, Kingston upon Hull) he built still bear his name, as does a local council ward (Pickering Ward).[1] The restoration of his Coltman Street home was featured in the third season of the BBC television series Restoration Home.[6]


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