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DEF II logo, as seen on early transmissions

DEF II was a programming strand on BBC2, which aired at 6 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 May 1988 to 23 May 1994, to serve the teenage market. It was produced by Janet Street-Porter, and followed on from her influential show Network 7 on Channel 4.[1] Many of the presenters and staff on DEF II started their careers on Network 7[2] and had followed Street-Porter when she was "poached" by the BBC.[3] It had an ident featuring a barcode which differed from the usual idents used on BBC2.

DEF II shows[]

Programmes shown as part of DEF II included both original content, such as Reportage, as well as those from other sources, such as American sitcoms and programmes from Europe (as seen in Jovanotti's Gimme 5). These included:


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