Dragon Gang

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Dragon Gang
Yukmouth - The Regime - Dragon Gang in 2013.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 19, 2013 (2013-03-19)
GenreHip hop
1:30:10 (deluxe ed.)
  • Yukmouth (exec.)
  • Pakslap
  • Anthony "Izzy The Kidd"
  • D Bricks Productions
  • Dragon Mob Productions
  • Golden I 95
  • Hyphy
  • Jeremiah Stevens
  • Joe Millionaire
  • Matt Freix
  • Mike Dean
  • P Killer Trackz
  • Sean Fong
  • Shawneci Icecold
  • Shape Shifter
  • Super Dave
  • TJ Productions
The Regime chronology
The Last Dragon
Dragon Gang

Dragon Gang is the debut studio album by American hip hop group The Regime. It was released on March 19, 2013, and April 2, 2013 deluxe edition, through Smoke-A-Lot/RBC Records.[1][2][3]

Track listing[]

1."Dragon Gang (Intro)" (Yukmouth)Mike Dean1:07
2."Who Me" (Yukmouth, Lee Majors, Dru Down, Rahmean, Ampichino & Chino Nino)Pakslap4:13
3."It's Dark" (Lee Majors, Yukmouth, Ampichino & Monsta Ganjah)Dragon Mob Productions5:20
4."Dreams" (Yukmouth, Ampichino, Freeze, Young Bossi & Smiggz)Hyphy4:20
5."Clam Chowdah" (Yukmouth, Lee Majors, Kuzzo Fly, Rahmean & Young Bossi)D Bricks Productions4:52
6."Bonified Husalah" (Lee Majors, Yukmouth, Dru Down, Kuzzo Fly, T-Lew, Monsta Ganjah, BG Bulletwound & Chop Black)P. Killer Trackz5:39
7."I'm On" (Yukmouth, Lee Majors, Dru Down, Rahmean, Chino Nino, Ampichino & Matt Blaque)Pakslap4:02
8."Rock n Roll" (Dru Down & Tech N9ne)Jeremiah Stevens4:14
9."Keys 2 the City" (Yukmouth & Lee Majors) 4:00
10."Any Given Sunday" (Yukmouth, Lee Majors, Kuzzo Fly & Boss Tone)Sean Fong3:43
11."Regime Terrorist" (Yukmouth, Lee Majors, T-Lew, Chop Black, Dru Down, Kuzzo Fly & BG Bulletwound)Shawneci Icecold4:37
12."On My Own" (Ampichino, Yukmouth, Young Bossi & Taisha Latrelle)Joe Millionaire4:32
13."Do the Math" (T-Lew, Yukmouth & Lee Majors)Anthony "Izzy The Kidd"4:12
14."It Was All Good" (Yukmouth, Young Bossi & Ampichino)Shape Shifter4:49
15."All Nighters" (Yukmouth, Kuzzo Fly, T-Lew, Dru Down, Boss Tone, Rahmean & Lee Majors)TJ Productions5:17
16."What's Ya Name" (BG Bulletwound, Tech N9ne & Grant Rice)Matt Freix4:21
17."Traffic Jam" (Yukmouth, Lee Majors, Boss Tone, Rahmean, Ampichino & Freeze)Supa Dave4:40
18."Lifestyle" (Yukmouth, Ampichino, Freeze & Young Bossi)Golden I 954:16
Deluxe Edition
19."Go Nuts (Remix 2)" (Yukmouth, Tech N9ne & Lee Majors)3:30
20."Mojo" (Yukmouth, Lee Majors, Monsta Ganjah, Boss Tone & Rahmean)2:57
21."Charles Bronson (Plies Diss)" (Yukmouth, Rah Mean, Lee Majors, Boss Tone, Kuzzo Fly)4:35


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