Europa FM (Spain)

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Europa FM
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Broadcast areaSpain
FormatContemporary hit radio
Onda Cero
Melodía FM

Europa FM is a Spanish musical radio station part of the Atresmedia media group. It is based in Barcelona, and it broadcasts throughout Spain on various frequencies. It was launched in 1996 and currently targets the audience between 18-35 (previously 18-55).[1]

Roughly 60% of its programming is radiofórmula (that's to say, the music-heavy programme with limited interruption) of pop and pop-rock hits from 2000 to the present, to which are added various other programs (as of 2021): Cuerpos especiales, Me Pones +, Yu no te pierdas nada, + Wally Tarde and Insomnia Radio Show (weekdays) and ¿Me Pones?, Europa Baila, Yu Music, Yu Afterhours and Sésion Chill-Out (weekends).[2] In 2015, Europa FM became the third most listened to music station in Spain, behind LOS40 and Cadena Dial. It is currently the fourth most listened to thematic radio station in the country with 1,305,000 listeners, according to the 3rd survey of EGM in 2018. It can be tuned through FM, DTT, internet and application for mobile devices.


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