Eyes of the Heart (album)

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Eyes of The Heart
Eyes of the Heart Jarrett.jpg
Live album by
Released1979, May [1]
Recorded1976, May
VenueTheater am Kornmarkt, Bregenz (Austria)
ProducerManfred Eicher
Keith Jarrett Quartet chronology
Eyes of The Heart
Keith Jarrett American Quartet chronology
The Survivors' Suite
Eyes of the Heart
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[2]
The Penguin Guide to Jazz1.5/4 stars[3]
The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide3/5 stars[4]

Eyes of The Heart is an album by American pianist Keith Jarrett featuring his "American Quartet", made up of Jarrett himself, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian. It was recorded at the Theater am Kornmarkt, Bregenz in Austria in May 1976 and was released in 1979 by ECM Records. The studio album The Survivors' Suite had been recorded one month earlier.

Although recorded the same year before Byablue (released in 1977) and Bop-Be (released in 1978), Eyes of The Heart was the last album released to feature Jarrett's American quartet.

Original notes[]

As part of the public farewell and disbanding of Jarrett's "American Quartet" the CD and vinyl issues contained a few notes addressed to its members:

Music is at its best when it carries you along at a level deeper than the music itself and forces you to live in its spaces as well as its notes.
Improvisation is at its best when everyone involved in the music is aware of an intent greater than his own; therefore more his own. Neither of these are common occurrences.
I wish to dedicate this recording to Charlie Haden, Dewey Redman and Paul Motian, all of whom shared the most valuable intimacy with me during the making of this music.
It is not easy.
It is not difficult.
It is.


Writing for AllMusic, Scott Yanow called the album "intriguing", and wrote: "Every recording by this particular group (arguably Jarrett's best working ensemble) is well worth hearing, for they had their own sound and the ability to play both 'inside' and 'outside' simultaneously, and they were continually full of surprises."[2] In an article for ECM Reviews, Tyran Grillo commented: "Just when I think I've encountered the extent of Jarrett's immeasurable talents, he surprises me with an album like this. It's always a pleasure to hear his peripheral instrumental work, for his talents at the keyboard transfer effortlessly to reed by way of our grateful hearts. Perhaps the title is more than just a metaphor."[5]

Track listing[]

All music composed by Keith Jarrett.
  1. "Eyes of the Heart (Part One)" – 17:11
  2. "Eyes of the Heart (Part Two)" – 15:43
  3. "Encore (a-b-c)" – 18:03


Technical Personnel[]

  • Martin Wieland – Recording engineer
  • Barbara Wojirsch – Design
  • Manfred Eicher – Production
  • Keith Jarrett - Photos


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