Fireworks Still Alive

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Fireworks Still Alive
Live album by
Released7 October 2011
GenreHard rock
LabelLZ Records
Bonfire chronology
Fireworks Still Alive

Fireworks Still Alive is the fifth live album by the German heavy metal band Bonfire. It was released in 2011 by LZ Records and Sony Music. All the live performances on the album were recorded at various venues/concerts by Bonfire throughout Europe. The concept was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the band's studio album, Fireworks, and the entire album is presented on the live edition. In addition, the band included live performances of a song from their last studio album as well as a cover song from Gotthard. One studio song was included, an edited version of Let It Grow from Branded.

Track listing[]

1."Ready 4 Reaction"Claus Lessmann, Hans Ziller, Horst Maier-Thorn, Joerg Deisinger4:39
2."Never Mind"Lessmann, Ziller, Maier-Thorn, Deisinger4:17
3."Sleeping All Alone"Jack Ponti, Lessmann, Ziller, Maier-Thorn, Deisinger4:04
4."Don't Get Me Wrong"Lessmann, Ziller, Maier-Thorn, Deisinger3:47
5."Give It a Try"Lessmann, Ziller, Maier-Thorn, Deisinger5:47
6."Fantasy"Lessmann, Ziller, Maier-Thorn, Deisinger4:36
7."American Nights"Lessmann, Ziller, Maier-Thorn, Marc Ribler3:49
8."Obsessive Intro"Ziller2:55
9."Sweet Obsession"Ponti, Joe Lynn Turner, Lessmann, Ziller, Maier-Thorn, Deisinger4:18
10."Rock Me Now"Lessmann, Ziller, Maier-Thorn, Deisinger3:37
11."Champion"Lessmann, Ziller, Maier-Thorn, Deisinger4:30
12."You Make Me Feel"Ziller, Lessmann5:19
13."Sword and Stone"Desmond Child, Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick4:31
14."Just Follow the Rainbow"Lessmann, Ziller4:19
15."I'm on My Way"Steve Lee, Leo Leoni, Chris von Rohr7:35
16."Let It Grow (edit)"Lessmann, Ziller3:26


  • Claus Lessmann – lead vocals, guitar
  • Hans Ziller – lead and acoustic guitars
  • Chris Limburg – rhythm guitar
  • Uwe Köhler – bass
  • Dominik Huelshorst – drums, percussion
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