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The Garaynbal, also written Karingbal, are an Aboriginal Australian people of the state of Queensland. They spoke a dialect of Biri called Garaynbal, now extinct.


According to Norman Tindale, the Karingbal had around 2,800 square miles (7,300 km2) of territory, around the headwaters of the Comet River and the upper Mackenzie River. They ran south from beneath Rolleston as far as the Carnarvon Range. Their western frontier lay at Consuelo Peak, while their eastern limits ran to Expedition Range and Bedourie.[1]

Social organisation[]

According to an early source, the tribe was divided into four exogamous intermarrying classes.[2]

Male Female
Bunyart Bunyarrum
Thadbine Thadbinun
Binjool Binjoolun
Kiarra Kiarrun

Alternative names[]

  • Karingbool
  • Kaingbul
  • Karranbal[3]



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