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Garrett Camp
Garrett Camp 2018 Headshot Cameron Harris Flickr.jpg
Camp in 2018
Born (1978-10-04) October 4, 1978 (age 43)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Alma materUniversity of Calgary (BSc, MSc)
OccupationFounder, Expa
Co-founder & board member, Uber
Founder & chairman, StumbleUpon

Garrett Camp (born October 4, 1978) is a Canadian billionaire entrepreneur.[2][3] He has helped build a series of companies, including founding StumbleUpon, a web-discovery tool, co-founding Uber,[citation needed] and founding Expa, a startup studio.[citation needed] Camp is chairman of Mix, the successor to StumbleUpon, and is on the board of directors of Uber.

Early life and education[]

Camp was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.[4] His father was an economist, and his mother an artist, and both later became home builders.[5] He graduated from the University of Calgary with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 2001, and later earned a master's degree in software engineering, researching collaborative systems, evolutionary algorithms and information retrieval.[4]



Camp at the 2008 The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam

Camp co-founded StumbleUpon in 2002. It was the first web-discovery platform[6][7][8][9] and personalized recommendation engine.[10][11] The service enabled users to discover web content with a single click,[clarification needed] during the Web 2.0 era.[12] In 2006, StumbleUpon relocated to San Francisco, after receiving its first round of funding from Silicon Valley angel investors. In 2007, StumbleUpon was included on the Time magazine's "50 Best Websites" list,[13] and on its 2013 "50 Must-Have iPad Apps" list.[14]

StumbleUpon was acquired by eBay for $75M[15][16] in 2007 and spun-out in 2009,[17][18][19][20] becoming an independent company again.[21][22] Following its spin-off, Camp worked to expand its offerings to include mobile phone app discovery and social networking.[20] He grew the company to over one hundred employees and over 25 million registered users[23] as its founding CEO before stepping down in mid 2012 to work on other ventures.[24] In August 2015, he acquired it again, after resetting all previous shareholders at $0/share.[25] The platform continued to have standalone web and mobile apps until mid 2018, when its users were transitioned to the, a venture built in part through Camp's studio startup company, Expa.[26][27]


Camp founded Uber as UberCab[28][29] in early 2009 while he was CEO of StumbleUpon, and self-funded the seed round of $250K.

Uber launched in San Francisco in mid 2010 with just a few cars on the road and, in late 2010, raised $1.25M in venture capital.[30] In 2011, the company continued to expand across the United States and abroad, including major markets such as New York City and Paris.[31][32] Uber's motto is "Everyone's Private Driver"[33] and, in mid-2012, launched UberX[34][35] and Uber SUV[36] to offer customers low cost options and more vehicle choices. In late 2012, Uber launched UberTAXI,[37][38] allowing taxi drivers to use the application with taxi-like fares for customers, and, in early 2013, CEO Travis Kalanick announced that Uber would begin offering a ride-sharing service,[39][40][41] allowing community drivers to use the application.

Uber was listed in Forbes's Top 10 Companies of 2012,[42] and was ranked number 6 in Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2013.[43] Uber is based in San Francisco, and has expanded in the US and abroad, offering service in over 600 cities worldwide.[44] Camp currently serves on Uber's Board of Directors.[45]


Camp formed Expa in 2013,[46][47] integrating his ten years of start-up experience into a system for building new companies. Expa is a startup studio to create and launch new companies by providing early-stage startups with starting capital, a workspace, and technical advice.[48][49] Companies that partner with Expa work from offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver or, most recently, London.[50]

In March 2014, Expa raised its first $50 million from investors[51][52] to fund the design and development of new companies. In March 2016, Expa raised an additional $100 million to fund the creation of new startups. Expa has helped to build and launch a number of companies, including, and, among others.[53][54][55]

on April 29, 2020, Expa announced that David Clark will join the company as its European partner to set up a new headquarters in London.[56][57]


Camp is currently working on a cryptocurrency he calls Eco. Camp is striving to make it a digital global currency that facilitates daily transactions between business as a form of payment in order to improve commonly occurring issues with digital currencies.[58] Eco also aims to be the most energy efficient currency in terms of transaction verification and token generation.[58]


Previously, Camp invested in Prism Skylabs;[citation needed] SoundTracking;[citation needed] WillCall;[citation needed] PSDept;[citation needed] and BlackJet, an on-demand private aviation service.[59]

Awards and honors[]

Camp was named to the TR35 List of Top Innovators[60] under the age of 35 at Technology Review's Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT in 2007.[61] In 2008 Camp was named by Bloomberg Businessweek as one of Tech's Best Young Entrepreneurs.[62] Camp was honored at the 2013 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards for his accomplishments at both StumbleUpon and Uber.[63]


In 2015, he was the 283rd-richest person in the world and the third-richest Canadian, with an estimated wealth of US$5.3 billion according to Forbes.[64] As of March 2019, Camp's net worth is calculated at US$4.6 billion according to Forbes.[65]

Allegations of exploitation[]

In June 2019, Camp bought a newly built, 11,000-square-foot mansion in Trousdale Estates of Beverly Hills for $72.5 million.[66] Camp's purchase drew the ire of activists and Uber drivers, who protested the firm's labor practices and advocated for better working conditions for drivers. Karim Bayumi, a Los Angeles Uber driver and labor organizer, said "this guy is buying lavish houses with our money, our hard-earned money that they are unjustly taking from us."[67]


Camp has joined The Giving Pledge, a commitment to give away half of his wealth to charity. In a personal blog post announcing his plans, Camp spoke of recent travels to Kenya, where he connected with people living without access to basic services like clean water, food and electricity.[68] In 2018 Camp established the Camp Foundation, a non-profit research organization to support research into infrastructure, sustainability, and conservation projects that will have a significant global impact.[69]

Personal life[]

Camp lives in San Francisco.[5]


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