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Lough Gowna GFC
Loch Gamhna CLG
Crest of Lough Gowna.png
Colours:Green and Red
Grounds:Pairc Loch Gamhna, Cavan
Playing kits
Standard colours
Senior Club Championships
All Ireland Ulster
Football: - - 7
Hurling: - - -
Ladies' football: -

Gowna are a Gaelic football club from County Cavan in Ireland. They are affiliated to Cavan GAA


The Early Years[]

GAA has been present in the local Gowna area since as early as 1889 and the club went under the name of Scrabby West Breffnians or 'Breffnies' as they were otherwise known. It may come as a surprise to some that Gowna had a thriving hurling team in the 1920s that contended senior championships. Gowna's first major football success came in 1916 in the form of a junior championship followed in 1925 by Intermediate championship success. Gowna GFC, as we know it today, was officially reformed in 1976 and has gone through some major developmental change. The 'post reform' park was officially opened in 1982 and was revamped in 2011 to stand as it is today.

Major Successes[]

Gowna GFC is a club steeped in history with many great wins and successes but it would be hard not to single out the Senior Football Championship wins in 1988, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000 and 2002. The club also has the accolade of having Cavan's last ever nominated All Star winner in Dermot McCabe from the 1997 Cavan team.


1979 U12 Championship, U14 Championship

1980 U14 Championship

1981 U21 Championship, U14 League, U16 Rural Title

1982 U16 League, Minor League, Junior Championship

1983 U14 Championship, U16 Rural Title, Minor Championship, Div 5 Football League

1984 U16 League, U16 Championship, Minor Championship, Minor League

1985 Intermediate Championship, U21 Championship, Minor Championship (3 in a row), U16 League, Division 2A League

1986 U21 Championship, Junior B Championship, U14 League

1987 U21 Championship, Junior B Championship, U14 League

1988 Senior Championship (First), U14 League, U12 League

1989 U14 Championship

1990 U14 Championship

1991 Senior League, Junior B Championship

1993 Senior League

1994 Senior Championship, Senior League, Division 1A League

1995 Division 1A League

1996 Senior Championship, U12 Roinn C Championship

1997 Senior Championship, U14 Roinn C Championship, U13 Roinn Championship

1998 U14 Roinn A Championship (first Roinn A), U14 Roinn B League, Minor League

1999 Senior Championship, Senior League

2000 Senior Championship

2002 Senior Championship, Senior League, U21 A Championship

2003 U21 Championship

2005 Division 1A League

2006 U13 Roinn C Championship, U14 Hurling League, U14 Hurling Championship

2007 Minor Shield, U14 Roinn B League

2008 U16 Division 2 League

2009 U16 Division 2 League, U12 Division 2 League, U12 Roinn D Championship


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