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Gunnar Olof "Hacke" Björksten (February 17, 1934, Helsinki - December 17, 2020 Stockholm)[1][2] was a Finnish-Swedish jazz bandleader and saxophonist.

Hacke Björksten lived in Finland until 1945, when his parents moved to Sweden; he gained his first break as a teenager in  [sv]'s band in Gothenburg. In 1954, he founded his own ensemble in Stockholm, which included trombonist Åke Persson, pianist  [sv], and vibraphonist Kurt Weil as sidemen; this band was active through the end of the decade. He played less frequently in the 1960s, but returned to recording in the 1970s and 1980s, including with Mel Lewis and Ulf Johansson.


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  • 2004 — Hacke Björksten Quintet – Three Generations, Dragon (8) – DRCD 397
  • 2014 — Hacke Björksten, Ulf Johansson Werre, Hans Backenroth – Top Three, Do Music Records – DMRCD 023


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