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A portrait of Hans Gefors

Hans Gefors (born 8 December 1952 in Stockholm) is a Swedish composer. He has lived in Lund since the mid-1990s.

Selected works[]

  • La boîte chinoise, for guitar (1975)
  • Poeten och glasmästaren, chamber opera (1979, libretto: Lars Forssell after Baudelaire)
  • Slits for orchestra (1981)
  • Christina, opera in two acts (1982–86, libretto: Lars Forssell och Hans Gefors)
  • Whales weep not!, a cappella chorus (1987, D. H. Lawrence)
  • Twine (Music no 3) for orchestra (1988)
  • En obol, song-cycle (1989, Lars Forssell)
  • Der Park, opera in three acts (1986–91, libretto: Botho Strauss och Hans Gefors)
  • Vargen kommer, opera in three acts (1994–96, libretto: Kerstin Perski
  • Lydias sånger, song-cycle for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (1995-96 from the poem of Hjalmar Söderberg Den allvarsamma leken)
  • Clara, opera in two acts (1997–98, libretto: Jean-Claude Carrière)
  • Kabaretsånger (2001, Jonas Gardell)
  • Njutningen (La Jouissance) (Music no 7), song-cycle in five parts (2002)
  • Skuggspel, opera in one act (2003–04, libretto: Maria Sundqvist)
  • Själens rening genom lek och skoj, car-radio opera (2005–09, libretto: Hans Gefors after Erlend Loe)
  • Umi sono mono for choir, electric guitar and percussion (2011, Yukio Mishima)
  • Notorious, opera in five acts (2012–14, libretto: Kerstin Perski)
  • Modstand mod renhed, three songs to poems by Inger Christensen (2015–16)
  • Det store andletet, five songs to poems of Jon Fosse (2015–16)


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