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Bishop of Lichfield and of Leicester
Installedc. 691 (Lichfield)
c. 709 (Leicester)
Term endedc. 721 (death)
PredecessorSeaxwulf (Lichfield)
Wilfrid (Leicester)
Personal details
Diedc. 721

Headda[a] (died c. 721) was a medieval Bishop of Lichfield.[b]

Headda was consecrated in 691 and died between 716 and 727.[1] He held the see of Leicester along with Lichfield.[1] In 706 Headda consecrated the new church constructed at Crowland by Guthlac.[2]

Prior to Headda's consecration, he had "almost certainly" been abbot of the monastery at Breedon, in Leicestershire, before which he may also have been a monk at Medeshamstede.[3]


  1. ^ Or Headdus or Eatheadus of Sidnacester
  2. ^ For "Sidnacester", see Bishop of Lindsey


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Christian titles
Preceded by Bishop of Lichfield
691–c. 721
Succeeded by
Preceded by Bishop of Leicester
709–c. 721

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