I Epomeni Kinisi

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I Epomeni Kinisi
Epomeni kinisi.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedDecember 15, 1986
GenrePop, Modern Laika
Length37 min
LabelCBS Greece
Anna Vissi chronology
Kati Simveni
I Epomeni Kinisi
Singles from I Epomeni Kinisi
  1. "I Epomeni Kinisi"
    Released: 1986
  2. "Se Posa Tablo"
    Released: 1986
  3. "Otan Kanoume Erota"
    Released: 1987
  4. "Pragmata"
    Released: 1987

I Epomeni Kinisi is a Greek album by singer Anna Vissi released in Greece and Cyprus in 1986 by CBS Greece. This album is all written by Nikos Karvelas. In spite of her previous albums, it featured a clear pop sound, very distinctive of Vissi's next albums. The album reached platinum status and was one of the best-selling albums of 1987 in Greece.[1]

Album information[]

As the two number one singles from the previous album "Kati Simveni" were written by Karvelas, her label accepted Vissi's suggestion for the next album to be written entirely by Karvelas. The result was a pop album with 10 songs. Notable is the fact that this is the first album CBS Greece released on CD, simultaneously with the original vinyl release, though it was re-released in 1996.


Music and lyrics on the album are by Nikos Karvelas. Anna Vissi and Giorgos Mitsigas contributed as the lyricists of two songs.

LP and 1996's CD edition track listing[]

  1. "I Epomeni Kinisi" (The next move)
  2. "Se Posa Tablo" (How many scenes)
  3. "Otan Kanoume Erota" (When we make love)
  4. "Skepasto" (Cover it [Put the roof up on your convertible])
  5. "Agapi Kai Misos" (Love and hate)
  6. "Pragmata" (Things)
  7. "Apodiksis" (Evidence)
  8. "S' Agapo Telia Kai Pavla" (I love you, period)
  9. "Me Agapi Apo Mena Gia Sena" (With love from me to you)
  10. "Dromos" (Road)

1986's CD edition track listing[]

When the album was released in a CD in 1986 it featured five tracks as bonus tracks from the album "Kati Simveni"

The track list was as follows:

  1. "I Epomeni Kinisi"
  2. "Se Posa Tablo"
  3. "Otan Kanoume Erota"
  4. "Skepasto"
  5. "Agapi Kai Misos
  6. "Pragmata
  7. "Apodeikseis
  8. "S' Agapo Telia Kai Pavla"
  9. "Me Agapi Apo Mena Gia Sena"
  10. "Dromos"
  11. "Dodeka"*
  12. "San Ke Mena Kamia"*
  13. "Kati Simveni"*
  14. "Ti Eho Na Haso"*
  15. "Ki Omos Ehis Figi"*
  • Tracks 11–15 (p) 1985 CBS originally on the album "Kati Simveni".
  • Tracks 1–11 arranged by Nikos Karvelas; tracks 12–15 arranged by Antonis Vardis.



  • Tracks 1–5, 7, 9–10, 12 Nikos Karvelas
  • Track 6 Nikos Karvelas, Anna Vissi, Giorgos Mitsigas
  • Track 8 Giorgos Mitsigas
  • Track 11 Philippos Nikolaou, Nikos Karvelas
  • Track 13 Sarantis Alivizatos
  • Track 15 Antonis Vardis

Credits and personnel on tracks 1–10[]

Credits adapted from the album's liner notes.[2]


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