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Jerantut town.

Jerantut is a town in Pahang, Malaysia. It is located about 200 km from Kuala Lumpur and 180 km from Kuantan. Jerantut is the largest district in the State of Pahang. It covers an area of 2,900 square miles (755,771.93 Hectares). Bordered by the States of Kelantan and Terengganu in the North, Temerloh and Maran districts in the South, Kuala Lipis and Raub districts in the West and Kuantan district and Terengganu state in the East. It has 10 mukims consisting of 295 villages administered under 58 JKKK. Jerantut District Council was gazetted on 18 February 1982.[1][unreliable source?]


Jerantut is the gateway to Taman Negara, the first national park in Malaysia. There is a natural park nearby that can be visited by visitors, namely Taman Rimba Kenong. Cave in Kota Gelanggi is located about 25 kilometers east of Jerantut. Most of these caves are archeological sites, but some caves have now been opened to the public. In addition to caves, other tourist attractions are Lata Meraung Waterfall, Orang Asli settlement, Gunung Tahan, Gunung Benom, and Rafflesia Research Center.


Jerantut hospital.


Jerantut is well connected to other towns in Pahang. Federal route Jkr-ft98.png links Jerantut to Temerloh, the second-largest city of Pahang. Route Jkr-ft64.png joins Jerantut through Jengka and then Maran, where Route 64 interchanges with ECE E8 en route to Kuantan or Kuala Lumpur.

A smaller Route Jkr-ft234.png connects Jerantut to Kuala Lipis, the former capital of Pahang.


Jerantut railway station.

The Jerantut railway station operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) is one of the major stations of KTM's East Coast Line. KTM Intercity and Express trains stop at this station. Visitors to Taman Negara can disembark from here.


Jerantut Bus Terminal, located at the heart of the town is one of the method of transportation. Visitors can take bus to Jerantut from Kuala Lumpur's Titiwangsa Station, Temerloh Bus Terminal and some other major cities. From the bus terminal, there are bus to Taman Negara.

Logging Truck and 4WD[]

Another transportation mode for people, while benefiting the loggers.[2][3] and poachers[4] Federal Route 1508 to Kuala Tahan and non gazetted roads to Ulu Tembeling near Pahang-Terengganu border[5] are connected with Federal Route 1521, 1522, 1524 and 1525 to Lepar Utara[6] by intra-timber roads for people and animal mobilisations[7] between remote areas in this district and further south to Malaysia Federal Route 2 Jkr-ft2.png at Sri Jaya and State Road C135 in Maran District.


Coordinates: 3°56′N 102°22′E / 3.933°N 102.367°E / 3.933; 102.367

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