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Johnny K. Larsson (born 19 July 1949) is a Swedish engineer and Technical Specialist, Body-in-White Joining Technologies, at Volvo Car Corporation, where he focuses on joining technologies for passenger car body structures.

Curriculum vitae[]

Johnny Larsson studied and obtained his MSc at the Technical University of Lund. He presented more than 200 conference papers and published over 100 technical articles worldwide.

He is an experienced chairman at international conferences on joining technologies such as SAE conferences, , and IIW conferences. He is board member of ACI (Automotive Circle International) and member of NOLAMP (Nordic Laser Manufacturing Processes) and LANE (Laser Assisted Net Shape Engineering). He participates in scientific committees of PuD-F (Prüfung und Dokumentation – Fügetechnik), a German automotive consortium with the objective to harmonize qualification routines for the joinability of new materials grades.

He chairs the Swedish Laser Association and is an active member of the and the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova). He participates in European projects such as and related to advanced body-in-white joining and has contributed to the continuity of education for engineers through his involvement in organizations like and the European Laser Academy. He also gave courses at Chalmers University of Technology (CTH) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).[1]

At the begin of his career he worked from February 1978 to March 1986 on heavy truck engineering at Fleron Co. International, where he customised Volvo, Scania, Mercedes and MAN trucks and trailers. In March 1986 he started in body-in-white engineering at Volvo Car Corporation, where he developed and applied test procedures and specific know-how in joining technologies, materials science, crashworthiness engineering and structural mechanics.

He is now the technical specialist, BIW Joining Technologies, at Volvo. He is an expert in joining technologies including all types of thin sheet metal welding (resistance welding, laser welding and gas metal arc welding), brazing technologies, mechanical joining (clinch joining, self-piercing riveting, punch fasteners, hemming and high and low strength screw joints) and structural adhesive bonding. He specialised in the harmonization of design guidelines, requirements and quality assurance for joining methods with Renault Automobiles, Ford Motor Company, Land Rover and Jaguar Cars. He was an R&D coordinator for body-in-white and exterior trim and specified the relevant test requirements and conducted competitor analysis. During his employment at Volvo he kept positions as R&D coordinator body-in-white for Volvo/Renault and body-in-white joining coordinator for Volvo/Ford.[1]

Honors and awards[]

  • 2004: Finalist of VCC Quality Award: Join-NET – A Global Joining Database
  • 2004: Winner of Henry Ford Technical Award: The VCC Joining Centre and High Quality Welding of the XC90 Car Body


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