Julian Millichamp

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Julian Millichamp

Julian Millichamp is a pod-shaver (cricket bat maker) born in Aldridge, England, in 1964.[1]

He began as an apprentice pod-shaver in 1980 and trained under John Newbery.[2][3] His bats were known to be used by cricketers Adam Gilchrist and others.[2] 

Pod shaving career[]

Millichamp & Hall[]

The company was founded in 1987 by Julian Millichamp and Johnathan Hall.[4]


Screaming Cat[]

Screaming Cat was founded in 2005 by Julian.[5]

Julian Millichamp[]

A KickStarter campaign was used to try and establish Julian's new cricket bat label. However, the set goal was not met and it was seen as the marking of his final making days, "Without the establishment of an academy, the opportunity for me to continue in my trade and to pass on my skills to a new generation has passed by and, although this is sad for me personally, it’s time to hang up my tools and move on to other things."[3]


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