Kajsa Wahlberg

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Detective Inspector

Kajsa Wahlberg
Police career
DepartmentSwedish Police Authority
StatusDirector of Sweden's human trafficking unit

Kajsa Wahlberg is Sweden's national rapporteur on human trafficking opposition activities.[1] She holds the title of Detective Inspector,[2] and serves on the Swedish Police Authority's human trafficking unit,[3] of which she is the head.[4] Wahlberg estimated that the number of prostitutes in the country dropped 40% between 1998 and 2003 because of Sweden's passing of the 1999 Kvinnofrid law that made selling sex legal, but buying sex illegal.[5] In 2005, she said that the effectiveness of the Kvinnofrid law is limited by the fact that not all of the country's police authorities make enforcing this particular law a priority, with many police authorities allocating more of their resources to combat the illegal drug trade.[6] In 2008, she said that large numbers of foreign politicians and law enforcement officials were coming to Sweden looking to study the Kvinnofrid law.[7] She also said, "We don't have a problem with prostitutes. We have a problem with men who buy sex."[8] In March of that year, Wahlberg served on a Swedish delegation of experts who travelled to Scotland as the start of a campaign to implement a law in Scotland analogous to the Kvinnofrid law in Sweden.[9] In 2009, she said that most of Sweden's prostitutes immigrated to Sweden from Eastern Europe.[10]


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