Katharina Stenbeck

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Katharina Stenbeck
Stenbeck performing in Ojai 2018.jpg
Stenbeck performing in Ojai, CA 2018
Katharina Alice Hilda Stenbeck

Other namesGalleriet
OccupationArtist, designer, electronic musician, singer, YouTuber

Katharina Alice Hilda Stenbeck is a Swedish artist, designer, electronic musician, singer and YouTuber.

Early life and theatre[]

Stenbeck grew up in Saltsjöbaden outside Stockholm but also lived in London as a child. She studied theatre at Södra Latin in Stockholm before moving to New York City to attend The American Academy of Dramatic Arts from 2005 to 2008.[1]


Stenbeck fronted the Brooklyn-based post-disco band Folding Legs from 2009 to 2015. In the Spring of 2017, she launched Galleriet (Swedish pronunciation: [ɡalɛˈrǐːɛt], "The Gallery")[2] and released her debut solo album, Romantic Gestures, later the same year.[3] Three of the songs from the album, "Right Wavelength", "Homesick Lover" and "Juvenile", premiered on Swedish national radio in Musikguiden for Sveriges Radio P3.[4][5] In 2018, she released the EP, Send Me Your Daughter.[6]

Stenbeck, who self-produces all her work, employs the use of masks, audiovisual installations and other theatrical elements in her music videos and live performances.[7]


Stenbeck is a self-taught artist. Her work spans a wide variety of mediums, including painting, papier-mâché sculpture, video installation, wearable art and stop motion animation.[8][9] She launched a YouTube channel in March 2019, on which she shares videos about her work.[10] In August 2019, she launched an online store of housewares, accessories and artwork designed and created by Stenbeck in her studio.[11]

Personal life[]

Stenbeck currently splits her time between Los Angeles, California and Stockholm, Sweden.[12]



  • Romantic Gestures (2017, self-released)

Extended plays[]

  • Send Me Your Daughter (2018, self-released)


  • Right Wavelength (2017, self-released)
  • Homesick Lover (2017, self-released)
  • Allting är som vanligt (2017, self-released)
  • Senga (2018, self-released)

Music videos[]


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