Kehena Beach

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A photograph of the black sand on Kehena Beach
Lava formations on Kehena Beach

Kehena Beach is a narrow black sand beach located on the east shore of the island of Hawaii, in the Puna district. Spinner dolphins frequent the water; as a result, the beach has also been known as Dolphin Beach.[1]


The beach was formed in a 1955 lava flow.[2] There is a point of rocks on one end of the beach that marks where the flow ended.


Kehena Beach is listed on many websites and guide books as clothing-option.[3] Though nudity at the beach has been documented,[4] nude beaches are not legal in Hawaii[5] and officers have written citations for nudity at Kehena beach.[6]


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Coordinates: 19°23′42″N 154°55′45″W / 19.3949°N 154.9293°W / 19.3949; -154.9293

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