Kenneth G. Forslund

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Kenneth G Forslund, MP in Sweden

Kenneth G. Forslund (born 1967) is a Swedish social democratic politician who has been a member of the Swedish Riksdag since 2002. He is currently heading the Foreign Committee in the Parliament and he is also the spokesperson on foreign aid and foreign policy in the Social democratic party.[1]

Kenneth G Forslund is representing the electoral district of Västra Götalands läns västra valkrets. He is originally a communication officer.

In the social democratic party Kenneth G Forslund is in charge of the foreign aid portfolio. He is also the President of the party district in Bohuslän.

Kenneth G Forslund was in charge of the process leading to "The Agenda for Global Development", describing the party's aid policies.

He is often contributing as a commentator and an analyst in both Swedish and international media.


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