Lars Bygdén

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Lars Bygdén
Born1973 (age 47–48)
OriginSundsvall, Sweden
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, guitarist

Lars Bygdén (born 1973) is a Swedish singer, song-writer and guitarist.


Lars Bygdén was born 1973 in Sundsvall, Sweden. His musical career started as a guitarist in the psychedelic bands and . In 1996 Bygdén formed the country-rock combo . The group released two critically acclaimed albums and got a lot of attention in Swedish media. The band dissolved in 2003. Lars Bygdén has continued as a solo artist on the record label Massproduktion and released his first solo album in 2005 which won the Swedish Manifest award for best singer-songwriter album of the year. The album included the song This Road, a duet featuring Ane Brun (also featured on Brun's album Duets). In 2006 Lars did the theme song for the Swedish TV-show Grattis Världen!, a cover of Iggy Pop's The Passenger. In the spring of 2009 Bygdén released his second solo-album, the conceptual . In 2011 he summoned 15 years of songwriting on the double album and in 2012 came the critically acclaimed LB from which the animated video to The Hole was both Grammy- and Manifest-nominated.


Albums with The Thousand Dollar Playboys[]

  • 1999 The $1000 Playboys
  • 2001 Stay

Solo albums[]

  • 2005 Trading Happiness for Songs
  • 2009 Family Feelings
  • 2012 LB
  • 2018 Dark Companion

Singles and EP's[]

  • 2005 This Road EP
  • 2005 Dream On
  • 2006 The Passenger EP
  • 2012 I Believe in You
  • 2013 Maria
  • 2013 The Hole
  • 2018 We're Not About to Fall Apart


  • 2011 Songs I Wrote – double album

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