Ludvig Aspling

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Ludvig Aspling
Member of the Riksdag
Assumed office
ConstituencyStockholm County
Personal details
Political partySweden Democrats

Ludvig Aspling is a Swedish politician who has been a member of the Riksdag for the Sweden Democrats party since 2018.


Aspling currently represents the Stockholm County constituency and holds seat 319. In the Riksdag he sits on the EU Committee and is a duputy on the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs.[1]

Aspling has spoken against EU legislation and proposals by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löven to roll out a common European minimum wage, arguing that the EU's legal structures are different to that of Sweden's social policies and that such a measure would undermine Sweden's ability to set its own wages.[2] Along with Sweden Democrats MEP Charlie Weimers, Aspling has played a role in criticising the EU's common asylum and migration policies, claiming "there is no discussion of how to deal with the different fundamentally illiberal, dysfunctional and often anti-Western ideologies, beliefs and religions that accompanies many migrants to Europe." He also states that the EU needs to do more in addressing human trafficking across the Mediterranean.[3] Aspling has also called on the Swedish government not to invest money in the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), claiming that the BRI is a front for the Chinese state and that Sweden should not deal with the BRI on grounds of human rights abuses in China and that economic partnership with BRI will lead to unfair competition with European workers.[4]


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