MPs for Ireland in the Protectorate Parliament

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After the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland, the Kingdom of Ireland ceased to operate, and Ireland was governed as part of the Protectorate. The Parliament of Ireland did not meet, and instead, 30 MPs were elected to the Protectorate Parliament. The MPs below were preceded by the MPs of the Second Irish House of Commons of Charles I elected in 1639 and succeeded after the Restoration by the MPs of the Irish House of Commons of Charles II elected in 1661.

Constituency 1654 1656 1659
Towns of Bandon and Kinsale Vincent Gookin Vincent Gookin Vincent Gookin
Counties of Carlow, Wexford, Kilkenny, and Queen's County Thomas Sadler
Daniel Axtell
Thomas Sadler
Daniel Redman
Daniel Redmond
John Brett
Towns of Carrickfergus and Belfast Major Daniel Redmond John Davis John Duckenfield
Counties of Cavan, Fermanagh, and Monaghan Col. John Cole Richard Blaney Thomas Coote
County of Cork Roger Boyle Roger Boyle[a] Sir Maurice Fenton
Towns of Cork and Youghal Col. William Jephson Col. William Jephson Francis Fowlkes
Towns of Derry and Coleraine Ralph King Ralph King Ralph King
Counties of Down, Antrim, and Armagh Col. Robert Venables
Col. Arthur Hill[1]
Col. Thomas Cooper
Lt-Col James Trayle
Sir John Scevington
George Rawden
City of Dublin Alderman Daniel Hutchinson Richard Tighe Arthur Annesley
County of Dublin Col. John Hewson of Lutterels Town John Bysse Sir Theophilus Jones
Counties of Galway and Mayo Sir Charles Coote
John Reynolds
Sir Charles Coote
Lt Col John Brett
Sir Charles Coote
Col. Thomas Sadler
Counties of Kerry, Limerick, and Clare Major Gen. Sir Hardress Waller
Col. Henry Ingoldsby
Major Gen. Sir Hardress Waller
Col. Henry Ingoldsby
Major Gen. Sir Hardress Waller
Col. Henry Ingoldsby
Counties of Kildare and Wicklow Maj. Anthony Morgan
Maj. William Meredith
Sir Hardress Waller
Anthony Morgan
Dudley Loftus
Henry Markham
City and County of the City of Limerick and Kilmallock William Purefoy Walter Waller George Ingoldsby
Counties of Londonderry, Donegal, and Tyrone Col. John Clark
Thomas Newburgh
Tristram Beresford
Thomas Newburgh
Col. John Gorges
Alexander Staples
Counties of Meath and Louth Col. John Fowk, Governor of Drogheda
Major William Cadogan
Col. John Fowk, Governor of Drogheda
William Aston
Sir Anthony Morgan
William Aston
Counties of Sligo, Roscommon, and Leitrim Sir Robert King
Sir John Temple
Sir Robert King
John Bridges
Robert Parke
Thomas Waller
Counties of Tipperary and Waterford John Reynolds
Jerome Sankey
John Reynolds, Commissary-General[2]
Daniel Abbot[2]
Sir Jerome Sankey
Thomas Stanley
Cities of Waterford and Clonmel William Halsey William Halsey William Halsey
Counties of Westmeath, Longford, and King's County Theophilus Jones
Thomas Scot
Theophilus Jones
Maj. Henry Owen
Francis Lord Aungier
Sir Henry Piers
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