Mahant Raja Ghasi Das

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Mahant Raja Ghasi Das
Flag of the Nandgaon State.svg 8th Raja of Nandgaon
Reign1865 - 1883
PredecessorMahant Ghanaram Das
SuccessorMahant Raja Balram Das
DiedNovember 1883
SpouseRani Jodh K. Devi

Mahant Raja Ghasi Das was ruler of the princely state of Nandgaon in the present-day Rajnandgaon District of Chhattisgarh, India.

In 1865, the British recognised Mahant Ghasi Das as the ruler of Nandgaon. He was conferred the title of Feudal Chief of Rajnandgaon and given Sanad, a right to adoption at a later time.[1]


Mahant Ghasidas Museum is an archaeological museum and among the ten oldest in India. The two-storey structure was built in 1875 by Ghasi Das and renovated in 1953, after the State had ceased to exist, by the former queen, Jyoti Devi, and her son, Digvijai Das. The new building of the museum was inaugurated by the first president of India, Rajendra Prasad.[2]

Mahant Ghasi Das Memorial Museum at Raipur.


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