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Marie Plosjö

Cindy Marie Helene Plosjö (born 30 June 1976 in Bjuv, Sweden) is a Swedish model for magazines such as Cafe, Moore and Slitz.[1] She has also been in Playboy as well as ICE magazines. She has posed for some pictures which may be classified as nudes.[2] In 2005 she was a contestant in season 2 of the reality show Paradise Hotel where she ended up in a fight over with her former friend and also model Natacha Peyre.[3] Marie Plosjö has also released a single called "Boom boom boom". In 2008 she continued her modelling career, and was host for the final of Miss World Sweden 2007 and 2008. She is CEO of a big blogportal in Sweden,[4] and she is an artist with exhibitions around the world.[5][6]


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