Michele B. Chan

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Michele B. Chan
  • Actress
  • Philanthropist
Known forrole of Mei Jan in MacGyver
Spouse(s)Patrick Soon-Shiong

Michele B. Chan is an American philanthropist and former actress. She was born in East London, South Africa.[1] Chan is currently the CEO of NantStudio, which she founded in 2015.[1]

Acting career[]

She was best known for her role in the series MacGyver as Mei Jan, who impersonated MacGyver's deceased foster daughter Sue Ling.[1][2] She appeared in the movie American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt and also had recurring roles in the American television series Hotel and the Canadian TV show Danger Bay.[1]

Personal life[]

Chan married South African-born American billionaire surgeon, businessman, and minority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers Patrick Soon-Shiong in 1977. They have two children.[3][1] In 2018, they became co-owners of the Los Angeles Times after purchasing the newspaper.[4]


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