Mother Father Brother Sister

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Mother Father Brother Sister
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 24, 1998
GenreR&B, Pop
LabelArista Japan
ProducerHaruo Yoda, Hiroto Tanigawa
Misia chronology
Mother Father Brother Sister
The Glory Day
Singles from Mother Father Brother Sister
  1. "Tsutsumikomu Yō ni..."
    Released: February 21, 1998
  2. "Hi no Ataru Basho"
    Released: May 21, 1998

Mother Father Brother Sister is Misia's debut album, released on June 24, 1998. It debuted at #3 on the weekly albums chart with 330,660 copies sold.[1] The album stayed in the Top 3 the next two weeks and on its fourth week, reached the top of the charts with 277,990 copies sold.[2] The album remained in the Top 5 for eleven consecutive weeks and sold over 2.58 million copies in Japan alone. It won the award for Best Album at the 40th Japan Record Awards.

As well as being Misia's highest-selling album, Mother Father Brother Sister is also the 7th best-selling debut album and 37th best-selling album of all time in Japan.[3]

Track listing[]

1."Never Gonna Cry! Strings Overture" Shirō Sagisu0:53
2."K.I.T"MisiaSatoshi Shimano4:22
3."Koisuru Kisetsu" (恋する季節, "Loving Season")Toshitaka Sonoda, Chihiro CloseS. Shimano5:42
4."I'm Over Here (Kizuite)" (I'm over here ~気づいて~, "I'm Over Here (Realize)")MisiaS. Shimano5:05
5."Interlude #1" S. Shimano0:57
6."Tell Me"MisiaS. Shimano5:05
7."Kiss-shite Dakishimete" (キスして抱きしめて Kisushite Dakishimete, "Kiss and Hold Me")MisiaMisia5:08
8."Cry"MisiaS. Shimano5:43
9."Interlude #2" S. Shimano0:41
10."Chiisana Koi" (小さな恋, "A Little Love")MisiaS. Shimano5:34
11."Hi no Ataru Basho" (陽のあたる場所, "A Place in the Sun")Misia, Jun SasakiJ. Sasaki5:15
12."Hoshi no Furu Oka" (星の降る丘, "A Starry Hill")C. CloseS. Shimano5:43
13."Tsutsumikomu You ni... (Dave "EQ3" Dub Mix)" (つつみ込むように… (DAVE“EQ3”DUB MIX), "Like Being Wrapped Up...")S. ShimanoS. Shimano5:48
14."Never Gonna Cry!"Yoshiyuki Murakami, Suzi Kim, TaiHiroshi Matsui6:10
15."Never Gonna Cry! (Junior Vasquez Remix Radio Edition)" (Secret Track)Y. Murakami, S. Kim, TaiH. Matsui6:00


Oricon sales chart[]

Release Chart Peak position Debut sales Sales total
June 24, 1998 Oricon Daily Singles Chart 1 2,580,150
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 1 331,660
Oricon Monthly Singles Chart 2
Oricon Yearly Singles Chart 8 (1998)
82 (1999)


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