Nagoa (Bardez)

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Nagoa is a village in the Bardez sub-district of Goa, and lies between the North Goa headquarters town of Mapusa and the tourist-destination and former fishing village of Calangute. It is not to be mixed-up with a village of the same name which lies in the South Goa sub-district of Salcete.

Area, population[]

According to the official 2011 Census, Nagoa has an area of 154.57 hectares, a total of 351 households, a population of 1,455 (comprising 732 males and 723 females) with an under-six years population of 124 (comprising 64 boys and 60 girls).[1]


The village of Nagoa lies close to Arpora, Saligao and Parra villages of Bardez.

Tourism destination[]

In recent times, Nagoa in Bardez has become home to many starred tourism. It lies close to Arpora, a region once known for its traditional salt-pans, at times when Goa's salt production was famous and exported far and wide.

Recent issues[]

The spurt of tourism in the area has also brought in issues like narcotic drugs.[2]

There have been issues of illegal road construction.[3]


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Coordinates: 15°33′18″N 73°46′48″E / 15.555°N 73.780°E / 15.555; 73.780

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