Nanay, tatay

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Tanay, Natay
GenresHand game
Setup timeN/A
Playing timevaries

Nanay, Tatay (transl. Mummy, Daddy) is a traditional Filipino children's game. It was made popular during the early 70s[1]


The game is played by two players while clapping and chanting the following Tagalog verses:

"Nanay, Tatay, gusto ko’ng tinapay, Ate, Kuya, gusto ko’ng kapé. Lahát ng gusto ko ay súsundin niyó; ang mágkamalì ay pípingutin ko!"

(“Mummy, Daddy, I want some bread; Big sister, Big brother, I want coffee. All I want, you’re gonna do; make a mistake and I’m gonna pinch you!”)

The moment a player makes a mistake, they will be "punished" by the other player by getting pinched on the nose or ear, or any other punishment of the winner’s choice.[2]

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