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Nermina Lukac at the 2013 Guldbagge Awards

Nermina Lukac (born 5 January 1990; Montenegrin spelling Nermina Lukač) is a Swedish actress. Lukac won the 2012 Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and other awards for her role in the film Eat Sleep Die.


Lukac was born in Montenegro; her family immigrated to Sweden in 1992.[1] She grew up in Munkedal and Åstorp and now lives in Helsingborg; she was trained as an educator, and until her film career began, worked in a recreation centre in Kvidinge.[2][3]


Lukac's debut as Raša in Eat Sleep Die won her several awards, including the Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, the Rising Star Prize at the Stockholm International Film Festival, the Shooting Stars Award at the 2013 Berlinale and the 2012 Helsingborgs Dagblad Culture Prize.[2][4][5]

Lukac has said that she never sought an acting career and that it was "a shock" when she won the role in Eat Sleep Die after running into a casting agent at the recreation centre where she used to go when she was young.[6]

Her next film role was in False Witness, an international film directed by and released in 2015 as The Prosecutor the Defender the Father and His Son.[7][8][9]


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