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Released11 June 2012
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Organik (Organic) is the studio album released in 2012 by Turkish singer Mustafa Sandal.

Prior to the release of this album, Sandal had stated that he would not release any new albums due to his focus on television and cinematic projects, and this period lasted for almost three years. In December 2011, it was reported that beside his appearance as a judge on O Ses Türkiye he was working hard on his new studio album.[1] In May 2011, it was announced that the album would be released in late summer. Mustafa Sandal later said that the songs in this album would have the spirit of his works in the 1990s. He made the album's lead single, "Ego", available for download on Turkcell's platform before the album's release.[2] On 6 June 2012, "Ego" was made available on all digital platforms[3] and on 11 June 2012 the album itself was released.[4]

While the album was expected, Mustafa Sandal explained the reason for this delay through a video he posted on his official YouTube channel.[5]

The arrangement for the songs found in Organik were done by Volga Tamöz, Seçkin Özer, and Ödül Erdoğan. The album includes songs written and composed by Eflatun, Soner Sarıkabadayı, Amr Mostafa, and Deniz Erten. Sandal himself wrote and composed six of the album's songs and composed five of them. For the song "Çek Gönder", Sandal performed a duet with his then-wife Emina Sandal. The album's photographs were taken by artist Ceylan Atınç. Organik's only music video was released for the song "Ego", which was in the format of an action short video.[6]

Track listing[]

1."Ego"Mustafa SandalMustafa Sandal3:15
2."Kafası Bu"Mustafa SandalMustafa Sandal3:19
3."Neler Neler"Soner SarıkabadayıSoner Sarıkabadayı3:07
4."Yok Öyle Bi' Dünya"Mustafa SandalMustafa Sandal4:26
5."Kum"Deniz ErtenVolga Tamöz3:46
6."Çek Gönder" (feat. Emina Sandal)Mustafa SandalMustafa Sandal3:46
7."Kurşun Geçirmez"EflatunEflatun4:46
8."Ego" (Acoustic Version)Mustafa SandalMustafa Sandal3:56
9."Bi' Git Bakalım"Mustafa SandalAmr Mostafa3:40
10."Organik"Mustafa SandalMustafa Sandal3:40
Total length:49:49


Country Sales
Türkiye (MÜ-YAP)[7] 45,999


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