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The ranking structure as well as rank insignia of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) are primarily based on the ranking structure of the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force, owing to Pakistan's former existence as a British colony under the Indian Empire.[1] The insignia for PAF officer ranks underwent extensive change in 2006, whereby British-influenced structure was dropped for the adoption of Turkish-style insignia, while the British ranking style was maintained.[2]

Officer ranks[]

Rank group General/flag officers Field/senior officers Junior officers Officer cadet
 Pakistan Air Force
Pak-air-force-OF-10.svg Pak-air-force-OF-9.svg Pak-air-force-OF-8.svg Pak-air-force-OF-7.svg Pak-air-force-OF-6.svg Pak-air-force-OF-5.svg Pak-air-force-OF-4.svg Pak-air-force-OF-3.svg Pak-air-force-OF-2.svg Pak-air-force-OF-1b.svg Pak-air-force-OF-1a.svg Pak-air-force-OF(D).png
Marshal of the Pakistan Air Force Air Chief Marshal Air Marshal Air Vice Marshal Air Commodore Group Captain Wing commander Squadron Leader Flight Lieutenant Flying Officer Pilot Officer Officer Cadet
Former insignia UK-Air-OF10.svg UK-Air-OF9.svg UK-Air-OF8.svg UK-Air-OF7.svg UK-Air-OF6.svg UK-Air-OF5.svg UK-Air-OF4.svg UK-Air-OF3.svg UK-Air-OF2.svg UK-Air-OF1A.svg UK-Air-OF1B.svg
Marshal of the Air Force Air Chief Marshal Air Marshal Air Vice-Marshal Air Commodore Group Captain Wing Commander Squadron Leader Flight Lieutenant Flying Officer Pilot Officer


Rank group Senior NCOs Junior NCOs Enlisted
 Pakistan Air Force
PAK-CWO.svg PAK-WO.svg PAK-AWO.svg Pak-air-force-OR-6.svg Pak-air-force-OR-5.svg Pak-air-force-OR-3.svg Pak-air-force-OR-2b.svg Pak-air-force-OR-2a.svg Pak-air-force-OR-1.svg
Chief Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Assistant Warrant Officer Senior Technician Corporal Technician Junior Technician Senior Aircraftman Leading Aircraftman Aircraftman

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