Para Polla

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Para Polla
Πάρα Πολλά
PeggyZina ParaPolla.jpg
Studio album by
Released13 November 2015 (2015-11-13)
GenreContemporary laika, pop
LabelMinos EMI
ProducerIlias Benetos
Peggy Zina chronology
Sou Hrostao Akoma Ena Klama
Para Polla
Πάρα Πολλά

Singles from Para Polla
  1. "Moni Kardia"
    Released: 13 October 2014
  2. "Me Tin Plati Ston Toiho"
    Released: 8 February 2015
  3. "Afto Zitao Mono"
    Released: 4 June 2015
  4. "Ela Grigora"
    Released: 24 September 2015
  5. "Mia Mera"
    Released: 11 February 2016

Para Polla (Greek: Πάρα Πολλά; English: Too many) is the title of the thirteenth studio album by the popular Greek artist Peggy Zina, released on 13 November 2015 by Minos EMI in Greece and Cyprus.[1]

Track listing[]

1."Ela Grigora" (Έλα γρήγορα; Come quickly)Thanos PapanikolaouThanos Papanikolaou3:50
2."Afto Zitao Mono" (Αυτό ζητάω μόνο; This I ask only)Thanos PapanikolaouThanos Papanikolaou3:30
3."Mia Mera" (Μια μέρα; One day)Stavros Stavrou - Thanos PapanikolaouThanos Papanikolaou3:22
4."Para Polla" (Πάρα πολλά; Too many)Thanos PapanikolaouThanos Papanikolaou3:48
5."Stasi Agapi" (Στάση αγάπη; Stop love)Thanos PapanikolaouThanos Papanikolaou4:25
6."Me Tin Plati Ston Toiho" (Με την πλάτη στον τοίχο; With their backs against the wall)Dimitris Tsafas - Thanos PapanikolaouThanos Papanikolaou3:37
7."Mia Diki Tous Zoi" (Μια δική τους ζωή; A life of their own)Thanos PapanikolaouThanos Papanikolaou3:51
8."Exo" (Έξω; Out)Thanos PapanikolaouThanos Papanikolaou4:14
9."Deixe Mou Enan Tropo" (Δείξε μου έναν τρόπο; Show me a way)Thanos PapanikolaouThanos Papanikolaou4:19
10."Afto Itan Olo" (Αυτό ήταν όλο; That was all)Thanos PapanikolaouThanos Papanikolaou4:07
11."To Vouno" (Το βουνό; The mountain)Thanos PapanikolaouThanos Papanikolaou2:28
12."Moni Kardia" (Μόνη καρδιά; Lonely heart)Stratos Antipariotis (STAN)Stratos Antipariotis (STAN)3:26

Music videos[]

  • "Moni Kardia"
  • "Me Tin Plati Ston Toiho"
  • "Ela Grigora"

Release history[]

Region Date Label Format Version
Greece 13 November 2015 Minos EMI CD Original


Chart Providers Peak
Greek Albums Chart IFPI 4[2] 2× Platinum [3]
Cypriot Albums Chart - -


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