Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow

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Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow
EP by
ReleasedMarch 1980 (1980-03)
RecordedLondon, 1980
  • Lost/EMI
  • New Rose
ProducerLes Lambert
The Saints chronology
Prehistoric Sounds
Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow
The Monkey Puzzle

Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow is a 7" extended play released in March 1980 by Australian Punk band The Saints.[1][2] It was produced by the group's singer-guitarist, Chris Bailey using the pseudonym L. Lambert.[1][2] It is their first release after founding guitarist, Ed Kuepper, had left the band.[1][2] The Saints line-up for the EP was Chris Bailey on lead vocals and guitar; C. Barrington on guitar; Cub Calloway on guitar; Ivor Hay on drums; and Janine Hall on bass guitar.[3] A 12" version with an additional track, "Miss Wonderful", was issued on the French label, New Rose.[2]


Clinton Walker described Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow as, "shambolic in the extreme, but still possessed of a certain spark."[4] Australian musician, Paul Kelly remembered that he had "cottoned onto The Saints around the time of Prehistoric Sounds, their third album. Paralytic Tonight is a four track EP that came not long after. I played it over and over again in a flat on Punt Road. This was their great middle period."[5] AllMusic's Mark Deming rated it as three-and-a-half stars out of five and explained, "While these four songs (or five, depending on which version you buy) are tougher and more rock-oriented than the albums that would soon follow from Bailey's edition of the group, they're still a far cry from the breakneck fury of (I'm) Stranded or Eternally Yours."[6]

Track listing[]

The back cover to the Australian release.

Australian release

  • Lost Records/EMI (PRS-2773)[3]

Side A

  1. "Simple Love" (Chris Bailey) – (3:45)
  2. "(Don't send me) Roses" (Bailey) – (3:50)

Side B

  1. "On the Waterfront" (Bailey) – (3:20)
  2. "Call It Mine" (Bailey) – (4:50)

French release

  • New Rose (NEW-1)[2]

Side A

  1. "Simple Love" (Bailey) – (3:40)
  2. "(Don't send me) Roses" (Bailey) – (5:22)
  3. "Miss Wonderful" (Bailey) – (4:20)

Side B

  1. "On the Waterfront" (Bailey) – (3:18)
  2. "Call It Mine" (Bailey) – (4:52)
The back cover to the French release.


The Saints
  • Chris Bailey - vocals, guitar
  • Barrington Francis, Bruce "Cub" Callaway - guitar
  • Janine Hall - bass
  • Ivor Hay - drums
  • Les Lambert - recording
  • John Morgan - cover
  • Judi Dransfield - photography


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