Port of Kołobrzeg

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Port of Kołobrzeg
Port Kolobrzeg with James Cook 2009-05.jpg
Entrance to harbour
Coordinates54°10′46″N 15°33′19″E / 54.17944°N 15.55528°E / 54.17944; 15.55528
OpenedMiddle Ages
Operated byKołobrzeg Seaport Authority, Polish Navy
Owned byCity of Kołobrzeg, Polish Navy
Annual cargo tonnage157,600 tons (2006)
Passenger traffic18,972
Estuary of the Parsęta river in Kołobrzeg

The Port of Kołobrzeg [kɔˈwɔbʐɛk] (About this soundlisten) (in Polish generally Port Kołobrzeg) is a Polish seaport in Kołobrzeg, Poland at the Baltic Sea located at the Parsęta river. Port has a yacht harbour, fishing harbour, ferry harbour.

In 2006, cargo traffic in the seaport was equaled 157,600 tons.[2] In 2006, to the port arrived 18,972 passengers and departed 18,996 passengers in international traffic.[2]


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