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Coordinates: 53°33′08″N 14°36′03″E / 53.55222°N 14.60083°E / 53.55222; 14.60083

Port Police, (Seaport, main gate)

The Port of Police [pɔˈlit͡sɛ] (in Polish generally Port Police) is a Polish seaport and deep water harbour in Police, Poland located on the west bank of the Oder River, off the Szczecin Lagoon. It is the fourth-busiest port in the country.[1]

In 2006, the cargo traffic in the seaport reached 2,445,500 tons, and it comprised 4.05% of all such traffic in Polish seaports.[2] In 2006, to the port passed 286 ships with a gross tonnage of over 100.[2]

In January 2019 Port of Police and PKP have signed an agreement to create a direct railway link with the port to improve the delivery of the cargo.[3] A direct track with accompanying infrastructure will be constructed from Police railway station to the seaport itself.[4]

The Port of Police has access to the Baltic Sea through the Szczecin Lagoon, Świna strait.


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