Rag and Bone Buffet: Rare Cuts and Leftovers

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Rag and Bone Buffet: Rare Cuts and Leftovers
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Compilation album by
Released24 September 1990
LabelVirgin Records
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Explode Together: The Dub Experiments 78-80
Rag and Bone Buffet: Rare Cuts and Leftovers
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Rag and Bone Buffet: Rare Cuts and Leftovers is a compilation album of songs by the English rock band XTC, released in 1990. It brings together single B-sides, BBC sessions, soundtrack contributions, the A- and B-sides of both a Christmas single released by offshoot group The Three Wise Men and solo single recorded by Colin Moulding as The Colonel,[1] as well as other obscurities.

Track listing[]

All songs credited to XTC, unless otherwise indicated in parentheses.

All tracks are written by Andy Partridge, unless otherwise indicated.

No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1."Extrovert" B-side of "Grass" UK 12-inch3:35
2."Ten Feet Tall"Colin MouldingUS single A-side3:12
3."Mermaid Smiled" Initial pressings of Skylarking2:26
4."Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen" (The Colonel)MouldingUK single A-side2:47
5."Respectable Street" UK single A-side with new lyrics3:05
6."Looking for Footprints"MouldingFree flexi disc with Flexipop UK magazine, issue No. 163:28
7."Over Rusty Water" B-side of "No Thugs in Our House" UK single1:28
8."Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass" B-side of "Ball and Chain" UK single4:21
9."The World Is Full of Angry Young Men"MouldingB-side of "The Loving" UK 12-inch3:39
10."Punch and Judy" B-side of "Ball and Chain" UK single2:42
11."Thanks for Christmas" (The Three Wise Men)Balthazar, Kaspar, MelchiorUK single A-side3:50
12."Tissue Tigers (The Arguers)" B-side of "Senses Working Overtime" UK single3:56
13."I Need Protection" (The Colonel)MouldingB-side of "Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen" UK single3:40
14."Another Satellite (BBC Sunday Show, 22-2-87)" B-side of "Dear God" UK 12-inch4:20
15."Strange Tales, Strange Tails" B-side of "Respectable Street" UK single2:18
16."Officer Blue"MouldingB-side of "Respectable Street" UK single2:39
17."Scissor Man (BBC Top Gear with John Peel, 8-10-79)" B-side of "Towers of London" UK two-pack bonus single4:21
18."Cockpit Dance Mixture" B-side of "Ball and Chain" UK 12-inch6:02
19."Pulsing Pulsing" B-side of "Making Plans for Nigel" UK single1:35
20."Happy Families" She's Having a Baby soundtrack2:45
21."Countdown to Christmas Party Time" (The Three Wise Men)Balthazar, Kaspar, MelchiorB-side of "Thanks for Christmas" UK single4:12
22."Blame the Weather"MouldingB-side of "Senses Working Overtime" UK single3:38
23."Take This Town" Times Square soundtrack4:08
24."The History of Rock 'n' Roll" Miniatures various artists compilation0:22

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