Renault E-Tech Series (Formula One engine)

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Renault Energy F1 (2014-2015)
Renault R.E. (2016-2018)
Renault E-Tech (2019-present)
ManufacturerRenault Sport F1
ConfigurationV6 single hybrid turbocharged engine, 90° cylinder angle
Displacement1.6 L (98 cu in)
Cylinder boreMaximum 80 mm (3.15 in)
Piston stroke53 mm (2.09 in)
Block materialAluminum alloy
Head materialAluminum alloy
Valvetrain24-valve (four-valves per cylinder), DOHC
Turbocharger hybrid turbocharger with typical 5 bar boost pressure
Fuel system500 bar (7,252 psi) gasoline direct injection
ManagementMcLaren TAG-320
Fuel typeTotal Excellium (2014-2016), Esso (2017-2018 - Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso (2017) only) and BP Ultimate unleaded 94.25% + 5.75% biofuel
Oil systemDry sump
Cooling systemSingle water pump
Power output600 + 160 hp (447 + 119 kW) (2014)
700 + 160 hp (522 + 119 kW) (2015)
850 + 160 hp (634 + 119 kW) (2016-present)
Torque outputApprox. 600–650 N⋅m (443–479 ft⋅lb)
Dry weight145 kg (320 lb) overall including headers, clutch, ECU, spark box or filters

The Renault E-Tech Series (previously known as Renault Energy F1 and Renault R.E.) is a 1.6-liter, hybrid turbocharged V6 racing engine that developed and produced by Renault Sport F1 in partnership with Mecachrome for FIA Formula One World Championship.


Renault Energy F1 was unveiled on 21 June 2013 during 2013 Paris Air Show in order to replace the outgoing naturally-aspirated V8 engine after seven years of service.[1]

Renault Energy F1-2014[]

The Renault Energy F1-2014 was Renault's first-ever V6 hybrid turbocharged Formula One engine for the 2014 season.[2] The Renault Energy F1-2014 engine was developed by Renault with technical support from Mecachrome for partial design research & development, trackside support, engine arrangement, preparation, tune-up and engine maintenance. Renault Energy F1-2014 suffered reliability problems during pre-season testing


Renault Energy F1-2015[]


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