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Saint Reticius
Died~334 AD
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
FeastMay 15

Saint Reticius (or Rheticus, Rheticius) (French: Saint Rhétice) (early 4th century) was a bishop of Autun, the first one known to history, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia. He was a Gallo-Roman, and an ecclesiastical writer, and served as bishop of this see from around 310 to 334 AD.[1]

He traveled on behalf of Emperor Constantine the Great in 313 to the Synod of Rome and in 314 to the Synod of Arles, in order to bring about a resolution to the dispute with the Donatists.[2]

Gregory of Tours praised Reticius in his writings.[2] Saint Jerome mentions Reticius in his De Viris Illustribus:

RETICIUS, bishop of Autun, among the Aedui, had a great reputation in Gaul in the reign of
Constantine. I have read his commentaries On the Song of Songs and another great volume
Against Novatian but besides these, I have found no works of his.[3]

Reticius was succeeded by Cassian of Autun, also venerated as a saint.


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