Ruslan Amerkhanov

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Ruslan Amerkhanov
Died12 August 2009

Ruslan Amerkhanov (Russian: Руслан Амерханов; died 12 August 2009) was a Russian official and politician.


He served as the Construction Minister for the southern Republic of Ingushetia,[1][2] located in Russia's troubled North Caucasus region.

Amerkhanov was described as a "very close and trusted official" and ally of the President of Ingushetia, Yunus-bek Yevkurov, who survived an assassination attempt in June 2009.[3]


On 12 August 2009, two masked gunmen broke into Amerkhanov's official office of construction minister in Magas, Ingushetia at about 10:30 a.m. local time.[2][3] The gunmen fired four shots at Amerkhanov, fatally wounding him in his office.[3] The two assassins fled the scene in a VAZ-2114 with North Ossetian license plates.[3] Amerkhanov's nephew and assistant, Magomed Amerkhanov, 25, was wounded in the attack.[2][3]

Ingush officials and security officers believed that Amerkhanov's assassination is linked to a recent public investigation of corruption within Ingushetia's construction industry.[2] Amerkhanov had ordered the review of the construction industry, which revealed that there had been illegal theft of funds from Ingushetia's budget.[3] A spokesperson for Ingush President Yevkurov, who is still recovering in Moscow from his June 2009 assassination attempt, noted that, "The president is concerned that the murder is related to [Amerkhanov’s] professional activity."[3] Corruption is widespread in Ingushetia, especially in the construction sector.[2]

Ingush Acting President Rashid Gaisanov promised to arrest Amerkhanov's killers and said that security would be increased for all Ingush government officials.[3]

Personal life[]

Amerkhanov was married and had two children.[3]


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