Saw 3D (Original Score Soundtrack)

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Saw 3D (Original Score Soundtrack)
Soundtrack cover
Film score by
Charlie Clouser
ReleasedNovember 2, 2010
GenreFilm score
LabelEvolution Music Partners
ProducerCharlie Clouser
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Saw 3D (Original Score Soundtrack)
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Saw 3D (Original Score Soundtrack) is the film score soundtrack to Saw 3D. It was composed by Charlie Clouser, who composed the score to all of the previous films.

The soundtrack was released on iTunes on November 2, 2010 and included 30 tracks.[1]

Track listing[]

All tracks are written by Charlie Clouser.

2."Tablesaw Intro"1:49
3."Tablesaw" (Remix of "The Fittest" from Saw V)2:47
4."Chase Jill" (Remix of "Hoffman Coffin" from Saw VI)1:23
5."Stitch Face"1:10
6."Only You" (Remix of "Step Back" from Saw IV)2:43
7."Talk Show"3:43
8."Jill Dream"1:27
9."Car Trap"1:57
10."Support Group"4:52
12."Junkyard" (Remix of "New Game" from Saw IV)2:29
14."News Bar"2:01
18."Quiet Nina" (Remix of "Breath Room" from Saw VI)4:42
20."Eye Trap" (Remix of "Steam Room" from Saw VI)4:01
22."Loved Ones"1:09
23."SWAT Team"2:30
24."Teeth Tape"1:33
25."SWAT Teeth"1:44
26."Fifty Cal"1:39
27."Reach Bobby"3:40
29."Dr. Gordon Montage" (Remix of "Zepp Six" from Saw VI)2:05
30."The Final Zepp" (Remix of "Zepp Five" from Saw V)1:50
Total length:66:57

Tracks not featured[]

Although much of the score was released, a number of tracks were excluded. They include:

  • The opening flashback to Saw before "Cauterize"
  • Billy's Tablesaw trap briefing
  • The Saw 3D title
  • The hanging trap with Bobby's best friend
  • Jill Tuck in the Reverse Beartrap (was named "Jill's Zepp")
  • Hoffman destroying his lair
  • Hoffman's attack by the two Pighead figures


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