Shrough Passage Tomb

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Shrough Passage Tomb
Native name
Irish: Tuama Pasáiste Shruth na Gamhnaí
Shrough Passage Tomb is located in Ireland
Shrough Passage Tomb
Location of Shrough Passage Tomb in Ireland
Typepassage grave
LocationShrough, Bruis,
County Tipperary, Ireland
Coordinates52°25′37″N 8°13′58″W / 52.426920°N 8.232801°W / 52.426920; -8.232801Coordinates: 52°25′37″N 8°13′58″W / 52.426920°N 8.232801°W / 52.426920; -8.232801
Elevation370 m (1,210 ft)
Builtc. 3000 BC
National Monument of Ireland
Official nameShrough
Reference no.548

Shrough Passage Tomb (/ˈʃr/) is a passage grave and National Monument located atop Slievenamuck, County Tipperary, Ireland.[1][2][3]


Shrough Passage Tomb is located atop Slievenamuck, near the source of the River Ara and halfway between Tipperary Town and Galbally, County Limerick. This is far from the main centres of passage grave construction.[4]


Shrough passage tomb was built c. 3000 BC.


Shrough Passage Tomb's entrance is formed with two orthostats on each side defining an area 3 m × 1.5 m (9.8 ft × 4.9 ft). The chamber is about 1.5 m x 1.2 m and is roofless. The chamber stands near the centre of a low, roughly circular mound, 30 m (98 ft) across. Many megalithic monuments are aligned towards mountains and celestial events; the entrance chamber at Shrough points roughly towards Slievenamon and the area of sunrise at equinox.


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