Sonta Ooru

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Sonta Ooru
Sonta Ooru.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byE. S. N. Murthy
Written byRavuru
(story / dialogues)
Screenplay byI. S. N. Murthy
Produced byG. Sadasivudu
StarringN. T. Rama Rao
Sowcar Janaki
CinematographyA. Vincent
Edited byKandaswamy
Music byGhantasala
G.V.S. Productions[1]
Release date
  • 23 May 1956 (1956-05-23)

Sonta Ooru (transl. Native Village) is a 1956 Telugu-language drama film, produced by G. Sadasivudu under the G.V.S. Productions banner[2] and directed by E. S. N. Murthy.[3] It stars N. T. Rama Rao, Sowcar Janaki[4] and music composed by Ghantasala.[5]


The film begins in a village, where Rayanam a farmer who lost his entire wealth in charities, he has three children, Madhav & Chinnabai and a daughter Aruna. Madhav returns to his village after completing his education and decides to take up the farming, so, he takes his blind friend Dasu's land on lease. Lakshmi is a milkwoman, adore Rayanam & Madhav as deities. Parallelly, Chinnabai quarrels with his father and starts a hotel by taking a loan from a widow Pitchamma. Pitchamma aspires to couple up her daughter Damayanti with Madhav despite he leaves the agriculture and moves to the city. At the same time, a doctor Damodaram Tripada/DDT lands at the village and falls for Damayanti. Meanwhile, Lakshmi loves Madhav but maintains silence due to fear, even helps them in their needs unknowingly. Learning it, Munsif of the village Dayanidhi questions Madhav when he becomes furious and questions Lakshmi, but later, through Dasu he realizes Lakshmi's love. On the other side, Rayanam fixes Aruna's alliance and obtains some amount on debt which is stolen by Chinnabai. Here Dasu's mother Chukamma exploits the situation and asks Rayanam to perform Aruna's espousal with Dasu, to which he refuses. Keeping the grudge in mind, Chukamma colludes with Pitchamma and both of them spread rumors against Madhav, Lakshmi & Aruna. On the occasion Deepavali, while Madhav is returning to the village, the men sent by Pitchamma attacks him. Eventually, DDT & Dayanidhi hits Lakshmi and Aruna tries to commit suicide. The rest of the story is how all of them escape from these hazardous situations.



Sonta Ooru
Film score by

Music composed by Ghantasala. Music released by Audio Company.

S. No. Song Title Lyrics Singers length
1 "Sri Gopala Radhalola" Ravuru Ghantasala 3:02
2 "Orai English Patham" Ravuru Ghantasala, Jikki 1:58
3 "Maa Paale Galavada" Malladi Jikki
4 "Ranmahendra Kavendru Ratnala Medalo" Ravuru Ghantasala 1:34
5 "Vennela Viruyunura"
6 "Manavoore Bharatha Desam" Ravuru Ghantasala 3:14
7 "Swagathamboyi" Ravuru Ghantasala 1:24
8 "Changu Changuna " Ravuru P.Leela 3:09
9 "Yemi Prabhu" Malladi P.Leela 2:56
10 "Malle Moggalaraa" Ravuru Ghantasala, P.Leela + 7:40
11 "Pantapolalalo Egire Jantha" Ravuru Ghantasala, P.Leela 2:47
12 "Eelanayya Swamy Ee Velakolam Mato Endukayya" Ravuru Ghantasala 2:55
13 "Oho Panta Raithaa"


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