St Nicholas' Church, Pamplona

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Church of St. (San) Nicolás.

San Nicolás is a historical church in Pamplona, Spain.

It was built in the 12th century not only with religious functions, but also as a defensive bastion of the quarter during the strife with the neighbouring ones of St. Saturnino and . The military role is evident in the watch tower. In 1222 the original Romanesque church was destroyed by a fire, and was replaced by a new building, consecrated in 1231.

The interior is in Gothic style, from different phases. It houses a Baroque organ. Exteriorly, of the Gothic period only two portal are visible today, as well as the apse. The corner portico was designed by Angel Goicoechea and built by a local contractor Blas Morte in the 1880s.


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Coordinates: 42°48′56″N 1°38′41″W / 42.81556°N 1.64472°W / 42.81556; -1.64472

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